Top 10 WordPress Plugins (2018)

WordPress Plugins
What is a plugin?

Well, a plugin is a form of software that contains customized functions that can be added to the WordPress website to improve it and make it more reliable. The main advantage of having plugins on your WordPress website is that they can add a new feature to enhance the functionality of your site and bring satisfaction to your traffic. Another plus associated with WordPress plugins is that the programming language used is PHP which enables it to integrate smoothly with your WordPress site. WordPress contains a range of plugins to ensure that there is something for every client stating from cheap ones all the way to the ones that require a high savvy tech. You don’t have to master the programming codes to add new features to your site; the plugins has made everything easy for you. You can quickly add the features you want to your site actually without having to login in your account merely by the help of plugins.

The WordPress site has thousands of free plugins which you can choose from; they are free, available and ready to download. You can get them at their official WordPress plugins directory through this link official WordPress plugin directory. Here you will get details about the best plugins for your site especially if you are a beginner. The plugins vary depending on the field of application for example commerce, technology, research and development among others.

The following is a list of top ten WordPress plugins that we have compiled for you. They will serve you a great deal, and if you follow the process of installation well, you would not be devastated.

 Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO

Image by Yoast SEO

Formerly known as WordPress SEO by Yoast, Yoast SEO is one of the best site plugins provided by WordPress. It does not only allow you to add features on your site but also optimize your site as a whole. How does this plugin work? In Yost SEO, you can key in the title you wish your page or blog post to be ranked under in the search engines. The premium version offers even more advanced functions because you can also add synonyms related to your page title. The premium versions function perfectly well with the search engines hence earning a higher ranking for your site. When you do the internal linking, it becomes easy for the search engines to understand your site better and identify the type of services you offer through the keywords. The internal linking feature for the premium Yoast SEO analyses your content and make suggestions as you continue to post.

Download: Yoast SEO


This is yet another incredible plugin from WordPress; it contains many features all embedded in one plugin. Jetpack contains some tools similar to those found in the WordPress blog posts. The fascinating feature of WordPress is the inbuilt analytics reporting system. You can check the status of your site directly from the WordPress dashboard without having to log into your account. The different feature from other plugins is that, activating it is a little bit involving because it works by connecting and WordPress. Org. To activate your Jetpack plugin, you need to sign up for a account first. This plugin comes with a variety of modules that you can activate any time you wish. Some of the modules include; carousel, comments, beautiful math, contact form, extra sidebar widgets among others.

Download: Jetpack

Google Analytics for WordPress by MosterInsights

This is the most fantastic WordPress plugin for Google analytics. By having this plugin, you can easily connect your site with Google analytics. The connection allows you to monitor your traffic, know where they come from and the kind of services they are looking for on your site. Having determined what they seek, you can plan for improvements accordingly which will actually boost your earnings. The free version of MosterInsights is also available; you don’t want to miss the features offered by this plugin, make the pro version the master for handling your website. The characteristics of MosterInsights include; it’s easy to set up, it doesn’t consume a lot of your valuable time; the user gets real-time stats. The analytics reports are readily available on your WordPress dashboard, and you can also track your e-commerce among other features.

Download: Google Analytics for WordPress by MosterInsights

W3 Total Cache

The speed of a site is something that users take seriously; W3 total cache aids the plugin that makes sure your site runs on the top speed hence attract massive traffic. This plugin is very popular amongst the well-known site hosts. Besides, a site that has high processing speed has a higher ranking in the search engines. This plugin allows the users to serve the compressed 3D files to their visitors. The sharing of data with visitors helps to release a lot of load from your site hence making it run faster.

Download: W3 Total Cache

WordFence Security

This WordPress plugin is popular for firewall and security scanning. It contains inbuilt protocols and firewalls to protect the WordPress from threats. The threat defense arm provided by the WordPress updates this plugin with the newest security firewalls for the maximum security of your site. It comes along with additional features that offer comprehensive protection for your website. The advanced functionality of this plugin is the ability to detect threats and quickly inform you that your site is compromised. The live traffic views by the WordPress team give you real-time information concerning your traffic and treats such as hack attempts if any. Besides, the WordPress analysts combine their expertise with the leading intelligent industries to deliver reliable results relating to the security of your site.

Download: WordFence Security

Broken Link Checker

This free online checker is an essential SEO audit checker plugin. It’s a lifesaver plugin that site administrators should not afford to miss. It is capable of removing broken links and reconstruction. In addition, it is essential especially when you are cleaning up your site. When you experience a broken link, you don’t have to spend the whole lot of hours researching online oh how to fix them; no, this plugin provides you with the best options that can help you fix the current challenge. How does the WordPress Brocken link checker function? Well, the plugin reads all your URLs on the WordPress blog and give a complete status of your site’s security. Because it might take a couple of hours to scan your site for the broken links, it’s recommended that you should ensure that the links are always updated to shield them from threats.

Download: Broken Link Checker

Contact Form 7

A contact form is valuable if you have a blog or a static site. Its main advantage is that, instead of requesting your traffic to follow you via mail, you can just create a contact form and invite your readers to be posting their feedback on that platform. It’s an excellent way to converse with the clients, and you can actually respond to all of them at the same time. It is a free and easy to use; it doesn’t contain a lot of complications found in other plugins. Contact form 7 is among the oldest and famous WordPress plugins. The reason why it is widely applied is that it is possible to create and manage multiple forms of contact. It is also easy to customize. It is capable of handling numerous forms, and you can still customize the forms the way you want.

Download: Contact Form 7

Insert Headers and Footers

This WordPress plugin allows you to add contents on the header and footer of each page of your blog before and after the content. The main aim is to add special scripts that’s makes the traceability of the blog post a bit easier. To insert anything into the header or footer you only have to copy paste the code that is supplied by the service provider you want. You don’t need to keep on installing different plugins to accommodate different services. Regarding the addition of the codes, you can do it before or after you have created the post. Initially, people had to edit theme files which could at times get messy in the process of managing their WordPress sites. You don’t have to go through that complicated process again, insert headers and footers plugins allow you to add codes without tampering with theme files.

Download: Insert Headers and Footers

Duplicate Post

There are countless reasons as to why a person may consider duplicating a WordPress post. The WordPress duplicate post allows the user to work on the same content without affecting the original file. Another advantage is that it becomes easier for clients to review the content and make necessary changes before posting it in their account or making it live. Duplicate post plugin allows the users to clone or copy paste post to new drafts in case you want to draft them further. It has numerous useful settings which manipulate its behavior and restricts its use only to specific roles. Whatever your goal for duplicating is, duplicate post plugin makes it easier for you.

Download: Duplicate Post

All-In-One WP Migration

This plugin enables you to export your WordPress site and database to a different location. No technical knowledge is required, you only need to upload your site to a different location by the use of drag and drop option. During the process of data exportation, you are presented with an opportunity to apply an unlimited number of operations that entail finding and replacing some of your data. Besides, during this process of data exportation, the plugin will solve any problem that might occur. The plugin uses chucks to import data from your site. The maximum file that can be uploaded is 2MBs per each chunk of files.

Download: All-In-One WP Migration

The Overall Importance of WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins allow the site owners to chat live with customers. When you have plugins such as the contact form 7 you can discuss issues with customers online and more also, you can see their feedback. You don’t have to communicate with your clients via mail.

Plugins from WordPress allows you to create booking forms as well as emails more efficiently. Its capabilities make it a better choice compared to the competitors. It doesn’t require technical know-how; you can still create the booking forms and emails by following the guidelines laid out.

The social media buttons available on your blogs enable the readers to share your blogs and articles hence attract massive traffic to your site. It’s incredible how easy it is to install plugins on the WordPress website.

The WordPress plugins come with added security features to protect your suite and data; you can never go wrong with WordPress plugins. Some plugins are as a result of sophisticated technology, therefore, best suited to ensure the security of your site.


Plugins are essential for your website especially if you want to make operations easy for you and your traffic too. However, before buying or downloading the free plugins, you should make a brief analysis so that you don’t end up installing plugins that will slow down the processing speed of your site. If you want to create an excellent working experience with a WordPress website, consider installing the plugins that will improve your site and service delivery. Don’t lag behind, catch up and join the Gurus that have already made it on WordPress websites.


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